Words and impacts - Day 3.

Day 3 (Tuesday 19th June, 2018).
Before I write for the day, a full disclosure - many of these reflections/improvements are due to a friend of mine. I will try to point these out while I write. The previous post was a mix of the influence from the friend and my own thoughts. This one is purely because of that friend.

Now for today's content. This again is a blind spot. Maybe even a forced blind spot of mine. Forced by myself. This might come across as basic to most of you. For me though, this isn't that basic. 

How do my words impact others around me? Do I think of what effect my words will have on others before I speak them out loud? It might be a joke, a casual talk or a heated discussion.

I've always believed in the philosophy of letting only limited set of people affect me with their words. Even with these people, I am good at deciding who can affect me to what extent and when to block things out to help myself. However, what I've almost never thought of is how my words end up impacting others. I'm sure many have told me directly/indirectly about how they get affected by my words (mostly when I'm rude/curt), but due to the above mentioned filter, I can always ignore these things. Hence I call this the forced blind spot.

So what am I doing about this? I've decided to listen to my words in my mind before I speak them out loud. I know this sounds impossible during a conversation, but I've been trying this out and it does help me to monitor a lot of what I'm saying. It also helps me to reduce unwanted jokes/comments. At this point, it might be important to state that I've never been good with jokes/witty comments. I've seen others around me and tried to learn, thereby ignored that fact that I could end up being hurtful (in the name of wit). 

This learning directly relates to what I spoke in the last blog post. Watching what I talk during negative situations as well as positive/normal ones is something that I've been practicing. This does not mean that I'm able to monitor 100% of what I talk. Maybe, by being more aware, I'll naturally start to pick my words carefully? I'm not sure, lets see how this goes. That's it for today.



Raku said…
A good read :-) Listening to our own words or understand the listener better before getting into an informal conversation?
Anonymous said…
Many a times, what you say and do is subconscious and involuntary like a habit. It might be difficult to change and be agnostic of such behaviors. All the best.