Failures and the outcomes - Day 26

Day 26 (Thursday, 12th July, 2018).

This short post is to remind myself about how failures and how subsequent learnings lead to better outcomes eventually.

There are times when I sit hours together (10-12) carving out chalks. Sometimes I have an idea in my mind and want to execute it, sometimes it's just random designs that I want to try out. The toughest times are when I have an idea to execute.

The challenge often is to get the execution right. A chalk piece being a chalk piece, is delicate to handle and quite often, unpredictable. Sometimes you feel it would sustain a specific carving and it breaks instantly. Sometimes you think it wouldn't sustain and it'll sit in tight. This unknown makes failures quite too frequent. Some days, out of the 10 hours I put in, nothing credible comes out. Quite literally, nothing!

The bright side though are those times when you end up achieving the design you started out with. Or the occasional inspirational new design that you stumble upon. These times are the best. They make me happy, they bring in a satisfaction of creating something new.

To get to this satisfaction, I often have to endure the sudden, unexpected, frustrating failures. Since I'm dealing with a delicate piece, some designs break at the last few strokes - which admittedly is the most frustrating ever! Most of these last moment failures make me wonder if it's worth the effort. More often than not, I restart, reset and realise what sections of the whole design are to be dealt with carefully. A few times, I just throw in the towel for the day.

I need to keep this in mind when I hit a failure next time in some other aspect of my life. To know what went wrong, what I could've done better, and accept the failure. Be ready to try again and again, even though I might fail at the last moment.

Be OK with these situations because, the outcome is beautiful, unique and satisfying.

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