Progress update - Day 27

Day 27 (Friday, July 13, 2018).

This is just a progress update on my words and impacts post.

So as I had already mentioned in the post, I've been working hard on monitoring my words. I've been actively trying to know what impact my words could have on the other person. The task is getting much easier by the day. Before, it was an active monitoring, now it's more listening and then thinking before responding. In other words, before it was reacting, now it is responding (with emphasis on impact). This is a significant change in the way I've been communicating.

The interesting thing to note is that people who communicate with me non-verbally think I'm balanced and thoughtful. Many who communicate with me verbally or in-person, think I'm sometimes rude and harsh. The reason for this is that I spend time before I write something to someone. I read it, re-read it before sending. This in itself makes me remove any unwanted sections from the mails/messages. But when it comes to talking in person, I tend to react to the situation. This was a big flaw in me, still is. Another problem is the way I think. My thought process is very logical in nature. It's not driven much by emotions. This makes me come across as cold. I look at a situation, see what's the best solution and spit it out. It happens to be similar when it comes to talking with someone.

So with the recent exercise of monitoring my thoughts, I seem to be gaining some understanding of being considerate and knowing what to or what not to talk.

The reason why I decided to write about this today is because I was caught up in a meeting where things got a bit heated up. Although I had strong opinions about the topic being discussed, I was able to hold back and listen and then respond in a much mellow way than what I would've done before. This for me was an important update to share.

I hope this continues and I get better at being more considerate in my words!

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