Simplifying the goals - Day 25.

Day 25 (Wednesday, 11th July, 2018).

When I was in school, I used to play volleyball. Since I'm tall, the team wanted me to be a spiker (the one who smashes a ball, also called a hitter). The problem was, I was horrible at timing a jump. This resulted in me struggling big time being a spiker.

So what I did was this - I broke it down. Instead of worrying about the smash, I would just focus on getting my jump right. This resulted in me just tapping the ball most of the times (as I would not focus on the power at all). And rightly, my team lost hope in me being a spiker. But for me, it was a simple process of mastering one step at a time. It took time, but I was able to get my timing right finally. Once this was achieved, I focused on power and the swing. And in no time, I was the top spiker for my team.

The simple idea of focusing on one aspect at a time helped me to become better overall. This is something that I took elsewhere in my life as well. When faced with an uphill task, instead of focusing on the end goal, I focus on the next immediate action to be taken and do it to the best possible extent. These act as building blocks on which I can rely on later to build higher and stronger blocks.

Most of the times, the end goals overwhelm us. Some of them are so big and so far away that we fail to see how we can achieve them. This can lead us to abandoning them, or, sometimes even losing our self confidence or self belief that we can achieve them. I solve this problem by breaking the goal down into tangible smaller goals and then, focusing on the mini-goal instead of the end goal.

Things get much simpler when the focus is on the next immediate step - much like the way we trek - focus on the next step, focus on the breathing.

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Dr.prathima said…
Ur blog is too good..frm each of Ur description I am connecting a lot with my life aswell..thanks and all the best.keep going with the good work