The last day of the experiment - Day 30.

Day 30 (Monday, July 16th, 2018).

I'm aware that I've skipped the last two days. As mentioned elsewhere, I find it difficult to keep things up without getting a bit of rest. So this post is about the learnings I've had over the duration of this experiment.

It's much easier to write than to talk - for me personally, I seem to find it easier to express my thoughts in the form of written words than spoken ones. This feels more natural to me. This also signifies that I need to work on my ability to communicate vocally to people.

It's difficult to create something every single day - one can always say that one has to create something new every single day, but even when I knew what I wanted to write, it was really difficult some times to write these down on a daily basis. The reasons for me are both the time constraint and the writer's block. Some days my mind would be switched off and it would be really difficult, if not impossible to write something.

I've a long way to go still - I started this experiment with an intention to share how and what I've been focussing on nowadays. Over the course of the last 30 days, I've realised that I've a long way to go. Writing and analysing self has made me realise some of the shortcomings of mine. It has also shown me how little I progress on a daily basis. The challenge of being aware of the things I want to change is real. Many a times I react impulsively.

Adapt the learnings - take learnings from one field, and apply them elsewhere. I've been doing this on a high level. I need to put focussed efforts for this.

As I conclude this experiment, I take with me a few important learnings. The next step is to be aware and implement these learnings.

Thank you for reading!

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