Chance encounters and wonderful learnings.

Life, is a journey.
So a couple of weeks back, I met this wonderful lady at a local climbing gym (which resulted in less climbing and a lot of talking and ice-creams later on). This writeup is about some interesting takeaways from that chance meeting I had with her.

I'll address her as "L".

L is from Switzerland. She had come to Bangalore to transit to Hampi. In case you don't know about Hampi, Hampi is a beautiful town full of ruins. It's a wonderful place to visit for anyone interested in architecture, history or even bouldering. So L, has taken a year off, just to travel. She went to Africa, visited a few countries there, then went to Sri Lanka and now, she's in India. When we began to talk, we all gravitated towards the outdoors. She told about Kilimanjaro, how she loves Africa, how wonderful it was to sleep under the stars and others. We (Akhil and I), spoke about our love for the Western Ghats, the majestic Himalayas and stuff. Soon I was left wondering about what made her take a break from her work and what it meant for her.

Later I asked her the question - why did she take this break? What was the reason? Her answer - Life. This is the only life she has. She won't get another chance to live this life. There are too many beautiful places in the world to see and experience.

Made me realise a few things - we take life for granted. We forget that the time we are spending now, will never come back. We can't relive this. There are no retakes. Often we believe that we will get time in the future. We keep working hard to make more money. Money that we want to spend on what we love - travel, food, hiking, climbing et al. We keep waiting - sometimes for money, sometimes for time, sometimes for partners/friends. In all of this, we ignore the fact that life is temporary.

If we take a step back and look at what we are doing, we realise that with time, we are compromising more and more about the things we would want to do. What's worth the sacrifice is an another can of worms altogether. But most of the times, we aren't even aware of these subtle changes that occur in us. Over a period of time, we would've shut the doors on those things we are passionate about. It's scary, but true about most of us.

This chance meeting with L made me take a step back. It made me think about where I'm going and what I'm trying to achieve.

In a few days, I'll be trekking in some of the most desolate parts of the Himalayas. I'll be out of touch for 2 months. Most of the days, I will have neither electricity, nor any mobile coverage. Who knows what awaits for me next!

Time to travel and experience!