Time and again, we are faced with situations that require us to take some decisions. A host of choices present themselves in front of us, and then the dread of making a choice, taking a decision kicks in. These times aren't always easy.

I've always been someone who has erred on the safer side. I've not been a risk taker. The way I grew up might have to do something with it. I prefer stability. This puts me in a peculiar situation. Most of the times, I try to minimise the chances of failure. In some ways this makes me a person who is averse towards taking decisions as well. What's the issue there one might ask - given that I'm pretty decently placed in the society - doing well on all social parameters people are usually judged upon? The issue is, you lose out on opportunities that can teach you a lot more than what you know right now. The issue is, you stop growing after some time. The issue is, you experience less variety in your life.

The fear of making a choice - to jump into a relationship, or to remain without a job for some time, or to switch your career path, to risk losing what you've achieved till now... These fears are real, all of these, each of these, are scary. But then, if we do not take that decision ourselves, time and situation force themselves upon us, and we are left with no choice but to accept what is given. It's impossible to go back and see what would've changed if we had done something differently. The what-ifs do not work in reality. What works is to take that risk. To be OK to be not OK.

It's time to make a choice. It's time to take a decision.