Moving on

It’s difficult to take a leap. To take a decision which could affect your future in a big way is not easy. Today is one such day. Or rather, today is the day that things have come to a culminating point. A decision I took almost six months back comes to life today.

I’ve quit my job and will travel for the next 6-7 months. 

Some time in January this year, with the help of a loved one, I took a call to quit my job and travel around this vast country of mine. Having worked at Subex for almost 9 years, this wasn’t an easy call by any stretch of imagination. The multitude of memories and learning, the fun times and the hard ones, the pleasure of creating something new and the despair when I failed. All these kept me wondering if I had taken the right call. 

After quite a lot of internal debates, I came to the conclusion that that are no right or wrong calls. You take decisions that help you personally. Some of these would look like the wrong ones to others but are right for you, some, the reverse. But at the end of the day, everything works out. Life, moves on. 

As I write these sentences, I’m trying to understand what I feel. 
Do I feel a loss? No. 
Do I feel scared. A bit. 
Do I feel hopeful? Yes. 
However, there are no strong emotional feelings. 

I had envisioned that there would be a sudden release of elation, of unknown fears or at least a sense of freedom. Strangely nothing as such seems to be happening. I guess it’s a gradual process more than an instantaneous one. 

The next few months will be interesting for me. To let go of the comforts of money and home and travel around will be challenging at the least. Staying away from the loved ones would be tough. But in this age of technology, one is blessed with video calls and messengers. 

As I take this first step, I hope to document this process along the way. To write, to share with others how I feel. More than others, I will write to document my own thoughts. Someday, I wish to look back at this and have a good laugh, or a blissful smile. 

For now, I’ll let the reality sink in. 

Life, moves on. 


Kalpana Razdan said…
����. All the best
Unknown said…
Have a wonderful journey ahead☺️
Keep collecting memories and keep writing 👍